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Dirk Thomas via ros-users

Update on rclcs!
I finally found some time (university is more time intensive than one might think) to work at the rclcs again.

* The rclcs finally works again with the current rcl
* I moved to the dotnet_cmake_module esteve provided (Will merge the corresponding branches of the rclcs after @esteve merged my PR to the cmake module)  
* The did a complete rewrite of the message generator using the C# CodeDom interface
** To be fair: I'm still running into major trouble regarding nested messages. It's really hard to generate them and provide a memory save wrapping interface without to much overhead. (But I'm working on this)

The next big thing I'm going to do is provide a simple abstraction layer inside the rclcs to implement different codepaths for linux and windows.

I'm still looking for helpers who might want to help porting to Windows!

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