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Matt Robinson via ros-users

The question depends on what you mean with "best". If you mean "best to learn ROS on ARM" the [BeagleBone Blue](http://beagleboard.org/blue) (BB for robotics) or the [BeagleBone Black](http://beagleboard.org/black) with [Robotics Cape](https://beagleboard.org/blog/2014-02-03-project-spotlight-robotics-cape) could be good choices (affordable board, hardware support for applications out-of-the-box, software libraries for low level functionality let you focus on application level functionality, software libraries easy to install).

A nice course also for absolute beginners which uses the BBB with Robotics Cape is e.g. [EDUMIP ROS course](https://dscl.lcsr.jhu.edu/edumip-ros/).

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