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Sriram Raghunathan via ros-users

We've tried many of these boards and several in between. We wound up coming back to RPi3 again and again. The fact that RPi has **such** a strong community tended to mean that problems with their software stack usually get ironed out quickly. There is also a lot of support for image processing on the RPi3. For example here: http://www.pyimagesearch.com/ 
I think adrian, from pyimagesearch has conclusively shown that the RPi 3 **does** have enough horsepower to do some rather interesting visual processing applications.

We actually have an RPi3 image here which includes ROS as well as all the projects we are working on:

Quick summary of our experience

*BBB - not enough horsepower

*nVidia boards - good in theory, but when we tried it the OS stack was kind of problematic, with lots of bugs that needed nVidia's attention and them not really dealing with them. Things may have improved since we tried more than a year ago.

*Rockboard - good in theory but the community support from RPi was just better and RPis were more powerful and cheaper

*oDroid - perhaps we could have gone harder on this one, but a lot of the peripherals we wanted weren't possible on this one.

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