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Francisco Martín Rico via ros-users


we at [Neobotix](http://www.neobotix-robots.com/home.html) design, develop and manufacture mobile robot systems of all kinds and for customers all over the world. We always aim to improve the field of robotics where the traditional, industry approved robots meet the visions and ideas of high-end research facilities.

Currently we are working on simulation models and example navigation setups for our omnidirectional mobile robots [MPO-500](http://robots.ros.org/neobotix-mpo-500/), MMO-500, [MPO-700](http://robots.ros.org/mpo-700/) and MMO-700. We want to give you a better feeling for our robots.

If you are looking for a simulation of an omnidirectional mobile robot or manipulator please feel free to take a look at our repository (https://github.com/neobotix/neo_simulation).
We always appreciate your feedback!

We are also enhancing our ROS-packages, tutorials and guides for all our mobile robots and hardware components, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions about Neobotix ROS-packages or Neobotix mobile robots just get in touch with us: [hidden email]

Best regards,


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