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[Discourse.ros.org] [General] New course on Udemy for beginners on Fundamental Concepts of Robot Operating System (ROS) (C++)

Tully Foote via ros-users


I am pleased to announce by course entitled
Fundamental Concepts of Robot Operating System (ROS) (C++)
on Udemy learning platform.

The course provides an introduction to beginner users and provides them with tips and practical hints to speed up learning ROS with C++, which encompass several challenges. The course is perfect for students who are starting with ROS and would like to understand well the fundamental concepts, in addition to beginners users who would like to improve their skills in ROS.  I also give a lot of practical advises to ROS learners

I have been programming, teaching and developing robotics software with ROS in both academia and industry, for 7 years, since the very early stages of ROS. I am also the editor of 3 books with Springer on ROS. Volume 3 of the book has just appeared

The course will be maintained and more lecture will be added regularly in addition to hands-on activities. I will also provide a technical support for students who enroll the course.

I provide limited number of coupon with exceptional discount to first students in the course
Looking forward to have you in the course ...


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