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Hi everyone!

I am Sohin Shah. I have a Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. I'm pursuing my Masters of Science in Mechatronics and Robotics at IUPUI -Indianapolis, USA. I'm very new to the ROS platform, but I want to learn it as I'm interested in robotics and wish to pursue a career in robotics. I am good at programming with C and I'm learning Python. I'm taking courses in robot dynamics and modeling, Integrated systems and Embedded systems.

I need your help to advance further in to the field and I would really appreciate if you have any projects I can join with over summer. I have already purchased books for ROS and I'm following the tutorials online, but I believe a practical project would provide me with a broader perspective. I would appreciate any tips on how I should utilize my time over summer.
Also, if anyone can spare some time for a chat over skype, it would be of a great help!

Thank you for your time. I hope to be contributing to the community soon!

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