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Pito Salas via ros-users

Looking for engineers with a strong background in computer science to fill out our team in the Driving Simulations group at TRI.

* [SWE - intelligent agents](https://jobs.lever.co/tri/1d14238d-1561-4b9a-9388-316cf770671d)
* [SWE - software architecture](https://jobs.lever.co/tri/57bc193c-f49b-44e5-856c-85e1ae45720d)
* [SWE - sensor simulation](https://jobs.lever.co/tri/375b023b-4fcb-4a53-937b-71697732ba6f)

There is a long list of opportunities for other groups in TRI Robotics and Driving as well, if the above doesn't fit your skill set and you're interested, you can find them on the [TRI Careers Page](http://www.tri.global/careers/).

Please make your applications online from the links above.

Happy Driving!

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