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[Discourse.ros.org] [Mirrors] Planned outage of mirror rsync targets 2017-10-16 - 2017-10-20

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MIrror maintainers,

## tldr;
rsync end points for wiki mirror and auto doc jobs will be offline next week. No action needed.

## Fully

We believe that the mirror rsync jobs are overloading our web server disk IO operations which is contributing to the instability of our web hosting services. To test the hypothesis we're going to disable the rsync end points next week to see if the server performs better. This will only effect the wiki mirrors and the autogenerated documentation mirror end points.

After the test the rsync end points will be renabled so the mirrors will sync up again. The wiki export is weekly so this will not cause any delay in the display of the wiki mirror. And the documentation mirrors will not reflect any documentation updates during next week. The documentation jobs only run ever 3 days if there's a change so it will only potentially miss one update cycle. And as soon as we reenable the rsync endpoints the next pull will catch up.

If the test validates our hypothesis we will plan to migrate the rsync services to a new host in the near future.

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