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Mn Nikpour via ros-users

this project bases on Raspberry and ROS, called "Rtp".
If you have Pi board in hands and have interest in ROS&Robot, then this can be "download & play" directly.
Code(Python&C): [https://github.com/NickQian/Robi-Transform-Project](https://github.com/NickQian/Robi-Transform-Project)

It's a **"integrated"** open source robot project . When we search for open-source robots online, we find that they are part of the robot code and demo, **hard to find a complete project, download it directly to our raspberry pi, power on, and then it can move, we can play**. Rtp has done this; in fact it has been able to move and talk, a integrated robot code bases on ros. Get a raspberry pi, connected a few motors and a speaker/microphone, ok, it's ready. You can play, change code, try again. Although rough but basically meet the needs of play it happily(sub-function also needs a variety of improvement).

**It's a "Living-Robot" open source robot project**. What is "Living-Robot"?
Imagine that if you have a rabbit or a lizard as a pet, they will never sell you cute, and will not answer any of your wit or stupid questions. But we still keep such a pet; why? Because it is "alive". Rtp is responsible to create the feeling of "alive", we call it "Living-Robot": but once achieved it will be very good, it has a "Magic" feeling and will be very fun: artificially create a mechanical "life". Like facing to Cozmo, you will have such similar feeling.

I'm also looking for someone to contribute together if you have interest. "Talk is cheap", Just fork!

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