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Loïc Dauphin via ros-users

**R**OS **A**dditive **M**anufacturing (RAM) provides a set of tools (mostly algorithms and GUIs) to help end users create complex trajectories for additive manufacturing. The project is especially focused on printing metallic parts with industrial robots. This project contains multiple tools: path planning algorithm able to generate complex trajectories, visualisation tools, editing tools, etc.

The application contains an algorithm that we found in a thesis, it allows to generate continuous trajectories from the start of the process to the end of the part (the whole part is built in one shot), this is very interesting for many aspects (material health, no dead-times) but also has some drawbacks (heat management). We developed a set of ROS messages, services, actions, nodes and GUIs that enables this whole application to work.

Here are screenshots of the application as of today:

The user can modify each pose of the trajectory: robot speed, feed rate, robot pose, laser power, feed rate etc...
Example, deleting pose:

Here is a video demonstrating a use case with arc welding 3D printing:

We are actively developing the application and are already using the application on 3 of our robot work-cells! One for arc welding and the two others are confidential projects.

The code is available here:

If you are willing to test the application, help with the development or just curious about the functionalities please leave a message here!

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