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Ian McMahon via ros-users

Hello, everyone. :smile:

I'm pleased to announce the news that we got finalists of the Arm TechCon 2017 Innovation Awards.
I think this is an achievement and good news for our ROS community.

TurtleBot3, in cooperation with OpenRobotics and ROBOTIS, was awarded **'2017 Arm Innovation Awards: Best Contribution to an Open Source Software Project'** at 'ARM TechCon2017' in Santa Clara, California from October 24 to 26.



OpenCR in TurtleBot3 is powered by an Arm Cortex-M7 and be able to connect the servos and battery. TurtleBot3 take advantage of Raspberry Pis full capabilities as a central computing system for the robot platform. The hardware, firmware and software of TurtleBot3 are open-source allowing users to download, modify and share source codes. All components of TurtleBot3s 3D CAD data are available for 3D printing.


Although we missed the final prize, we are proud to announce that TurtleBot3, which was only five months, was finally nominated for an innovation in the open source software project at an international event. We are also proud to be recognized as a platform by many people who want to learn the ROS.

We are especially grateful to have a great opportunity and wonderful project with Tully, Morgan, and Brian. I want to make a lot of fun things for the ROS community in the future. :slight_smile:

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