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Friday releases

Ken Conley
Today, three of our driver-related stack reached 1.0 status:

 * diagnostics
 * imu_drivers
 * joystick_drivers

These stacks provide drivers and diagnostic capability for the
Microstrain 3DM-GX2 IMU, PS3 joystick, and the Linux joystick. There
is also experimental support for the Wiimote and 3Dconnexion
SpaceNavigator. The diagnostics stack also provides GUIs for viewing
diagnostic information from these and other drivers.

We also had several more releases today to test features and bug fixes
for coming 1.0 releases:

 * pr2_mechanism 0.5.5
 * pr2_ethercat_drivers 0.2.2
 * laser_drivers 0.4.1

Next week, we will start to transition towards 1.0 releases of
PR2-related components -- we hope you enjoyed today's unveiling of the
PR2 Beta robots!

Change lists:


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