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Multi Robot System

Dr. Markus Eich

Dear all,


I have a question about using ROS in a multi robot system. As far as I understood it, there has to be one Master Server and the systems are operating, using different name spaces, one for each robot.


In our setup we have the requirement that the robots are not always able to communicate with each other all the time, so we would need one Maser server on each robot in order to make the other nodes work (e.g laser scanner, odometrie, amcl).


Is there a straight forward way that the robots are able to exchange data once the communication is established between the different master nodes?


On possibility which comes to my mind is using a dedicated “Bridge-Node” which is looking dynamically for other ROS Masters within reach and update the information of the different sub systems (e.g. current position of each robot, individual generated maps, etc)


Would ROS be suitable for this application?









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