Thursday 1.0 Release: pr2_controllers 1.0

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Thursday 1.0 Release: pr2_controllers 1.0

Ken Conley
Today we released pr2_controllers 1.0. This stack contains our
realtime controllers for the PR2, as well as actionlib interfaces for
invoking these controllers. The PR2 controllers come with a
comprehensive set of tutorials that teach you how to move the PR2 in
various ways: .

As you can tell, the pace of our 1.0 releases is slowing down...
because we're almost done! If you're waiting for ROS 1.0, don't worry
-- the ROS team happens to like releasing on Fridays.

There were several other releases today. These were mostly for stacks
that are under development, but provide useful functionality to PR2
users. We'll be releasing videos showing what the future has in store
for these stacks. We also released a minor update to pr2_common.

 * pr2_calibration 0.1.2
 * pr2_common 1.0.1
 * web_interface 0.3.2
 * pr2_web_apps 0.3.1

 -- your friendly neighborhood ROS team

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