Tuesday 1.0 Releases: laser_drivers, driver_common, pr2_ethercat_drivers, pr2_power_drivers, pr2_common

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Tuesday 1.0 Releases: laser_drivers, driver_common, pr2_ethercat_drivers, pr2_power_drivers, pr2_common

Ken Conley
Today was a big day for releasing drivers. Our 1.0 releases today were:

 * laser_drivers
 * driver_common
 * pr2_ethercat_drivers
 * pr2_power_drivers
 * pr2_common

We are nearly finished with our 1.0 release cycle. With today's
releases, most commonly used functionality with ROS has been released
as 1.0, which means that non-PR2 robots using navigation and
perception capabilities have a solid base to build on top of.

We also wanted to note that ROS 1.0 is in final testing. You can
preview our release candidate at:


driver_common provides common driver capabilities that we use in our
laser and camera drivers, such as dynamic reconfiguration of
parameters. Our laser_drivers stack provides drivers for common Hokuyo
and SICK laser rangefinders. We also released pr2_ethercat_drivers and
pr2_power_drivers, which support PR2-specific hardware.

Our non-driver release of the day was pr2_common 1.0, which contains
description of the PR2 Beta robot, PR2-specific messages, and other
common PR2 data.

We also released several other stacks today, including the new
web_interface and pr2_web_apps stacks, which provide a user-friendly,
browser-based environment for performing common robot tasks and

 * laser_drivers 0.5.0
 * driver_common 0.3.0
 * pr2_robot 0.2.0
 * pr2_web_apps 0.3.0
 * web_interface 0.3.0

Change lists:

 * http://ros.org/wiki/laser_drivers/ChangeList
 * http://ros.org/wiki/driver_common/ChangeList
 * http://ros.org/wiki/pr2_robot/ChangeList
 * http://ros.org/wiki/pr2_web_apps/ChangeList
 * http://ros.org/wiki/web_interface/ChangeList

 -- your friendly neighborhood PR2 drivers

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