Wednesday 1.0 release: pr2_gui

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Wednesday 1.0 release: pr2_gui

Ken Conley
Today we released pr2_gui 1.0. pr2_gui provides the pr2_dashboard,
which is an integral tool we use for understanding the state of our
PR2 robots.

We are busy putting the final touches on our remaining 1.0 releases.
We releases several more stack updates today, including two new
stacks: robot_calibration and pr2_calibration. Although these
calibration stacks are not mature, yet, they are already proving very
useful in calibrating our new PR2 Beta robots.

 * camera_drivers 0.4.1
 * robot_calibration 0.2.0
 * pr2_calibration 0.1.1
 * pr2_robot 0.2.2

Change lists:


 -- your friendly neighborhood ROS team

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